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Scarborough is a district of Toronto that uniquely evolved from rural farm country, to being completely urbanized. Further than urbanization, its demographic has seen notable increases in diversity, to the point where the majority of its inhabitants are immigrants.

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Public Transit in Scarborough

Scarborough has public transportation through the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) which includes a network of trains and buses to get you where you need to be. The notable subway stations in Scarborough are Victoria Park, Kennedy and Warden which all overlap in a system that can take you all around the city. There are also services such as the Durham Region and York Region Transit, in addition to GO Transit stations found all over the district.

Good Eats in Scarborough

Cuisine options reflect this diversity with influences from around the world on every block. From Jamaica to India and Japan, your tastebuds can travel the world by walking a couple meters. Notable restaurants include Shawarma Empire, for some of the best in the city, Saravanaa Bhavan, for authentic Indian cuisine, and Katsupan, for its popular fluffy Japanese bread.

Fun Activities in Scarborough

In terms of activities, Scarborough Town Centre (STC) is the largest mall in Toronto’s east end and has 250 stores, guaranteeing something for everyone. Outdoor adventures are also astounding in Scarborough, starting with the Scarborough Bluffs Park which includes 8 different parks and one beach. All parks have free entry and at the Bluff experience includes marina access, cliffs, water, and greenery. Apart from the Bluffs, the Toronto Zoo is another outdoor activity located in Scarborough. The Toronto Zoo is home to over 4,000 animals from countries around the world. For a more historic outdoor venture, the Guild Park and Gardens offer access to monuments and statues that contribute to a fascinating story of the past.

Public Safety in Scarborough

Long-term trends indicate that Scarborough engages in less violent activity than the other districts in Toronto. Although the media sometimes portrays Scarborough to be dangerous, the Toronto Police Chiefs have also named the safest divisions, which includes northern Scarborough.


Scarborough is one of the most diverse districts in Toronto, evident through its cuisine options. There is truly something for everyone in Scarborough in terms of activities, from enjoying outdoor adventures like Zoo trips, to shopping days at the STC. Whether you are required to commute to other areas of Toronto, or just want to explore the city, the easy access to public transportation ensures this is both reliable and possible. Definitely check out condos for sale in Scarborough!

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